Title: Good Morning Mr. Kenton
Writer: Dal Robinson
Shooting: 2017

‘Good Morning Mr. Kenton’ tells the story of the last days of reclusive author Jack Kenton. We find a suffering Kenton living in Paris in 1979. Through a twist of fate the son of a man he trusted arrives to see out his remaining days beside him. Unbeknownst to Kenton the young man is in fact an opportunistic journalist, down on his luck, insistent on getting the story of the author’s disappearance some 50 years previously. In a last act of redemption the ailing author tells the story of his conscription and experiences during the First World War culminating in the tragic circumstances of trench warfare at Ypres.

This challenging and brutal tale of the realties of war combines the courage of men on the front line with mythology of the Lost Generation of Paris and the inebriating uncertainty of young men during and after great conflict.