You, Me and Him

Title: You, Me and Him
Writer/ Director: Daisy Aitkens
DOP: Tony Coldwell
Cast: Faye Marsay, Lucy Punch, David Tennant & Simon Bird
Shooting: Completed

A determined career woman fights for her idea of the perfect family. Being a lesbian won’t stop her, neither will being 40, but when her wayward girlfriend falls pregnant after a drunken one night stand – she may have pause for thought. That she herself is pregnant can only make matters more complicated. She has 9 months to decide if family can really be this crowded.

“Daisy Aitkens has written a brilliant, funny, surprising and moving script and I am delighted that she has asked me to be in her first feature – as she is clearly going to be making many many more and I want to be in all of them… And I am very pleased to be working with Bad Penny again, a company that represents all that is good and exciting in young British filmmaking. Thanks for having me!” David Tennant